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Some Fun Videos of Beans and Rocket

We try to guess famous movie quotes while wearing noise cancelling headphones. Also known as Whisper Challenge on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or Bad Lip reading here on YouTube.
We found a new song … The dirty version of Jingle Bells Rock, name “Jingle Balls Cock”, it is dirty … you’ve been warned!
Our Christmas gift to you the listeners … With special thanks to listener Poker and Bunny for the gift that is Frosty The Snow Bean!!
With Rocket’s reaction built into the video!
The dirty version of Frosty The Snowman!!!
Have you ever listened to a podcast at half the speed? Not even sure why half the speed is a tool available on Stitcher Radio and iTunes. But they have it and we sound like we are drunk! ????
We celebrated our 10th Episode! YES we are in double digits!
Rocket LOVED it, probably more than he should have!
Beans has a 2006 MacBook Pro and Rocket has a 2016 Lenovo PC.
We put the 2 laptops to a startup challenge and then we start the laptops open a Word document, type 1 character and save to desktop. To check on performance.
The results may shock you!
Beans made a commercial for an online video game called “Arcane Saga”, he shared it on the show and we have it here just for you!

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